I grew up in Boardman, Ohio and attended Kent State University in 1976.  After two additional years of graduate work, I moved to Perugia, Italy where I worked for a year as a graphic designer and part-time illustrator.  Then it was off to Chicago where I’ve been ever since. Most of the work I do currently is in the children’s book market.


Chris’ work has appeared in PRINT magazine, Step-by-Step Graphics, and numerous Communication Arts Illustration Annuals. He’s been awarded three Gold and three Silver medals from the Society of Illustrators in New York.


I sketch on tracing paper because I prefer its surface texture over other papers. These rough sketches are usually very small, 2 - 3” tall at most. I find it easier to see the entire composition this way. Once I’m satisfied with the rough sketch, I’ll enlarge it on a photocopier. This also darkens the faint lines of the original. I’ll use this photocopy to make a rough color study. I tape the copy to my desk then paint on it with watercolor and pastel.  I’ll refer to this color sketch when working on the finished art.

To begin the finished piece, I’ll take the photocopied sketch and enlarge it to a comfortable working size, usually about 14 – 18” tall, depending on the amount of detail involved. Using tracing paper again, the drawing is refined at this larger size. Onto stretched (stapled, no patience with tape) Arches watercolor paper, I apply a medium-dark wash of watercolor. The color and value will vary depending on the piece. The drawing is then transferred to the painted paper by rubbing pastel on the back of the refined sketch.  Using Prismacolor pencils, the drawing is slowly built by layering colors atop one another. Watercolor is applied throughout the process for darker areas. Drawing on the rough surface of the watercolor paper results in the grainy, pebbled texture in the finished art.



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Chris Sheban
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